What are some different types of welds


There are many different types of welds to be discussed when learning the art of welding.  There are many sources available for the discussion of welding and more importantly, for the different types of welds.  


When you initially begin welding you will hear the term bead weld or weld bead.  A weld bead is nothing more than a weld deposit that is formed by a single pass with one of the various welding processes.  The weld bead formed could be either a narrow bead or a wide bead, depending on the side to side movement that is performed by the person welding.  You will sometimes hear the term stringer bead, which is a weld bead that is established without very much of a weaving motion.  Just the reverse of this stringer weld is the weave bead, whereby there is the side to side movement.


Another type of weld is the groove weld which is used on all joints except lap joints.  Groove welds are basically welds that are performed in the grooves or openings between two surfaces that are to be welded or joined together.  This particular weld is adaptable to a range of butt joints, which are the most common type of joints.  Now when you are welding thicker pieces of metal together such as steel, groove welds can be joined with more than one weld bead. 

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