Show me how to arc weld


To begin with, arc welding technology is an amazing find.  Arc welding is a method of joining two pieces of metal into one solid piece. To do this, the heat of an electric arc is concentrated on the edges of two pieces of metal to be joined. The metal melts, while the edges are still molten, additional melted metal is added. This molten mass then cools and solidifies into one solid piece.


Arc Welding makes some of the best welds on heavy gauge steels and cast iron. Cutting rods can make clean holes through thick stock, and are about the only thing which can cut Kryptonite bike locks. It is very difficult to weld thin metals. You can also get a carbon arc torch to use on an arc welder to braze. Eastwoods stitch welder is a gimmick used on an arc welder to buzz the rod in and out, which may help on thinner stock. 

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